Data Protection Privacy Notice – Clients

The Data Protection Act 2018/GDPR provides a legal framework for processing personal data in the UK ensuring privacy for all individuals.  Redditch Nightstop undertakes its work in accordance with these laws.

Our Privacy Notice tells you how we process the data which we collect on you and how we protect your privacy and what your rights are. Our full Privacy Notice, with all the details, can be found on our website. This is a summary of the key points.


Data We Collect

Redditch Nightstop collects your personal and special category data when you interact with us. This could be when you tell us information on the phone, go onto our website, correspond with us by email or letter, complete a form or tell us information in person. We may collect the following data about you:

Your Personal Data Your Special Category Data
Name, Address, data of birth, telephone number, email, country of birth, Age, Gender, financial information, work history, education, training, family/dependents, friends/social life, national insurance number, GP details, Dentist details, Optician details, local connections, safeguarding, reason for referral Criminal offence data
Physical or Mental Health
Sexual life and orientation

How we Process your Data

When we refer to ‘processing data’ we mean any of the following:


In order to comply with the law we must always process your data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner.

We must have a lawful basis for processing your data.  For Redditch Nightstop, the lawful basis for processing your data is ‘Legitimate Interests’ which is,  “where you use people’s data in ways they would reasonably expect…”  (ICO)

If we need to process your special category data, for example information about your health, then we must have an additional lawful basis for processing this sort of data specifically Article 9(h) Health or social care.


Sometimes we need to share your data with third parties as follows:

Data is shared between the following third parties: Purpose
Redditch Nightstop hosts & Volunteers, Redditch Borough Council, housing providers, DWP, Health Services, Headgym, schools and colleges, Referees, Homeless Link – database, Centrepoint, Depaul To provide our services To access a service on behalf of a client.

We may ask for your consent for other optional parts of our service, for example case studies, photographs for use in social media and our newsletter.

We also share data with our accrediting organisation Depaul UK and Centrepoint for statistical evidence to inform policy and monitoring purposes. However, this data is anonymised and does not identify you. It is therefore not covered by data protection law.

Redditch Nightstop keep your data for different lengths of time as directed by Financial Law, our funders’ requirements and our business need. After the specified time it will be destroyed.

Type of data Where is it stored Duration
Client – referral form including risk assessment, support notes

Emergency Accommodation, Supported Lodgings and Drop In and Floating Support (21-35yrs)
Electronically on secure server
2 years from last contact
Client - referral form including risk assessment, support notes Floating Support (18-21yrs) Electronically on secure server
5-7 years from last contact
Client – expenses, rent, hardship payment

Financial Records
Electronically on secure server
7 years

Apart from the data sharing set out above, Redditch Nightstop will not share your data unless we believe someone is at risk of serious harm or if we have a legal obligation to pass information on. When this is the case we will as far as possible inform you beforehand.

Your information is held securely as set out in the full Privacy Statement referred to above.


Your Rights

Depending on the legal basis for process your data, you may have the right to request the following:

  • To request to have your data deleted (we will not be able to deliver our services if you choose to delete your data)
  • To have your data corrected if there is something incorrect
  • To move your data to another provider
  • To be informed about and to access the data we hold on you
  • To object to and to restrict the data we process about you

If you would like a full copy of our Privacy Statement or for more information about how your data is used please contact Charlotte Shepard by writing to:

Redditch Nightstop,
Unit 4 & 5, Britten House
The Old Needle Works
Britten Street
B97 6HD

or phoning 01526 66036
or emailing:

If you would like to find out more about your rights around how your data is processed or if you are unhappy with our response you can contact